From one-off item to serial production

Prototyping is a vital stepping stone on the way to the serial production of a product. As part of the preparations for serial production, we therefore provide you with dimensionally precise models of all developments and designs. We also offer you a wide selection of metal and plastic products, ranging from individual components and prototype parts right up to complete vehicle-body structures.


Our expertise at a glance

Our expertise at a glance
Our prototyping services

  • Concept vehicles and design studies
  • Setup of test rigs and technical demonstrations
  • One-off items and short production runs of sheet-metal and plastic parts
  • Demonstration exhibits
  • One-off items and reproductions
  • Modelling
  • Dimensioning
  • Reverse engineering


All in one

When it comes to prototyping, we cover the entire range of products. Our skills range from graphic design to engineering and model construction, culminating in a fully functioning vehicle.


Samples. Solutions.

The painstaking modelling work carried out on your behalf by our expert craftsmen creates individual one-off pieces and precision-made samples for all vehicles and vehicle components. We can then use the model, before production starts, to highlight true-to-detail the main characteristics and features of the definitive product.

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping
Fast solutions

Our rapid prototyping facilities allow us to produce components to tolerances of up to 100 µ. Starting with the three-dimensional design data, the plastic components are created on a 3D printer directly from the CAD program and without any great manual effort. We apply stereo lithography (SLA), fuse deposition modelling (FDM) and selective laser sintering (SLS) for this purpose.


Precisely to the point

Our own in-house measuring technology enables us to match the precise tolerances of virtual models to those of actual products. This allows us to use the latest digitising techniques to capture the surface finishes of prototypes with great accuracy, suitable for further processing in CAD format.

Design studies and concepts

Design studies and concepts
From idea to product

We design solutions to meet special needs. To ensure that the product meets your needs, we apply the latest technologies, before production actually starts, to creating design studies or concept vehicles that allow us to verify the configuration or technical possibilities of the products involved, and to test their corresponding functions.

Armoured individual vehicles

Armoured individual vehicles
Experience included

We use our automotive experience to engineer high-quality solutions designed for armouring purposes. This does not only apply to serial production. The tasks performed by us involve the individual manufacture of armouring concepts to meet specific requirements. These include such vehicle customisation measures as body modifications and extensions, multimedia equipment, comfort-enhancing solutions and much else besides.

Setup of test rigs and technical demonstrations

Setup of test rigs and technical demonstrations
Tailored to the test

Our testing and conceptual activities are designed to convert virtual models into tangible, usable solutions. The major advantage offered here is that the corresponding test rigs and technical demonstrations considerably simplify the practical testing of the engineering involved.


A safe choice!
Armoured vehicles based on the high standards of engineering and manufacturing that apply in the automotive industry.

Quality management

A safe journey always!
As quality is our top priority, quality management applies to all areas.


In the fast lane!
We keep you comprehensively informed of all news affecting the company and its sector.


Service where you need it!
Take advantage of our wide range of services, wherever you are in the world!

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